Let me start off by saying I love Almura. This is the third update that I have been through with you. I have always enjoyed the play, the people and the lands.

I have to say I am not having fun anymore. I can't do anything fun but mind numbing block breaking, crafting of the same materials, and oak tree harvesting to painfully get to level 10 in each of those areas just so I can progress to stone tools to repeat the same cycle all the way to diamond (level 40) before I can even begin to do anything fun. And then at diamond level, I can't do the really fun stuff, like tinkers construct until I am level 70 because that's the level the skills guide says I have to be to use the tinkers construct fun items. So that's 70 levels of mind numbing block breaking, boring crafting, and tree harvesting before any real fun happens.

To make things slower, its not like its a few days to a week or two of work....its takes FOREVER to get a level. We are talking about a TON of stone and oak because that's all I can do until levels 10-15. I can't even get coal for torches until level 15.

I only have an hour or two in the evening when I get to play and I want to have fun.

I am not familiar with the skills mod other than what I am experiencing right now. I don't know if it speeds up later in levels with more exp per block, but right now it sucks! Maybe I am wrong but wasn't there a jobs mod in the first Almura? Or am I thinking of something else. You selected a couple of jobs, built up your skill level and earned money along the way...the higher the skill level the more money you made. But this allowed you to craft higher level items as you progressed at a normal rate, allowed you to have fun with other mods built into the game. This is just an example.

I know you have put a lot of time and thought into this world and as I said before, I have always loved it, had fun building and crafting, and progressing at what I considered a normal rate. I am just not having fun right now and I really want to have fun!